Concurrency: State Models & Java Programs

Jeff Magee & Jeff Kramer

The following resources are available:

A set of lecture notes for Chapters 1-8 & 10 of the book

 Demonstration Programs
The set of demonstration programs in the book
may be run as applets in a Java enabled browser
from here. The program source is also included.

 Labelled Transition System Analyzer
The LTS Analyzer can be run as an Applet
from here in browsers which support
Java 1.1 or later.

 Labelled Transition System Analyzer V2.2
This version also runs as an applet.
It requires Java 1.3 Plugin 

published by Wiley



New LTSA V2.2 - release(1/9/01)

DOWNLOAD   - LTS Analyzer Tool and Example Applets (3409KB)
(Self extracting Installer for Windows 95, 98 & NT).

LTSA - bug fix release (14/4/99)

Supplement on Program Verification (17/9/99)

Errata (1/2/00)



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