Our Expedition Vessel

The RV Livonia, built in Finland in 1984, is a sturdy ice-class vessel, originally designed to explore the polar regions in utmost safety and comfort. She has a sophisticated, state-of-the-art ballasting system and a specially-built ice-strengthened hull. Measuring 236 feet in length and 42 feet in beam, the Livonia is perfect for cruising the wilderness waters of Antarctica.

The Livonia is not a luxury cruise ship-- there are no formal Captain's dinners, brunches on the aft deck, or evening dances with a three-piece band. Plying deep into the pack ice or carefully plotting our way into some remote cove, there is seldom time for shipboard distractions.

The ship begins to feel like home after the first few days of exploring her many decks and doorways, and we feel like she's our own private expedition vessel. The bridge is not only open 24 hours of the day, but is the focal point of the entire ship. It's roomy, with an unobstructed view, and we all gather there to observe and participate in all the activity. We can even get lessons in navigation from the Captain and learn what it's like to stand watch throughout the night.

When it's time for landing or cruising in the Zodiacs, we use the Livonia's state-of-the-art Zodiacs. Each Zodiac has a naturalist or guide aboard as well as a helpful Estonian seaman trained in Zodiac safety and operation. Our naturalists and guides often drive the Zodiacs when we expect to encounter whales or other wildlife. This ensures we respect the rights of the creatures we've come so far to see. Because of this speed in launching and the small size of our group, we make more landings than other programs and can spend more time ashore exploring, photographing, and stretching our legs on comprehensive hikes.

Comfortable accommodations

Nineteen outside cabins (all with window or porthole) offer accommodation for 38 passengers, with your choice of either private or shared bathrooms (a spacious suite is also available). The bridge is open to passengers 24 hours a day, and a large conference room with a small wet bar serves as a gathering place for lectures and briefings. The library/observation room with its terrific views is great for relaxing and close to the bridge. Also aboard are a sauna, laundry service, and a small hospital staffed by a doctor. Delicious gourmet meals are served in two large dining rooms.

If you'd like to join us next year aboard the Livonia, or learn more about Travel in Antarctica, surf on!

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