A $5500+ VALUE

Picture yourself (that's your real self, not your virtual self) on a 38-passenger polar research vessel leaving Argentina, crossing the famous Drake Passage and sailing the Southern Ocean towards the last frontier -- Antarctica. What will you think when you're face-to-face with a million penguins, an 800 pound elephant seal, or a 300 foot tall iceberg?

You'll think how glad you are that you registered in the Virtual Antarctica ship registry! Just answer a few questions and you'll qualify for a free trip to Antarctica in December 1996.

Sign in on the ship's manifest and become a part of this historic event -- the first live, interactive expedition to Antarctica. (See fine print for all the details.) You'll automatically be entered to win a trip to Antarctica -- a $5500+ value. The winner will be announced December 25 (Merry Christmas from the South Pole!) on this website and via e-mail.

Official Registry of the 1996 Virtual Antarctica Expedition

(Please note this information is for internal use only by Mountain Travel-Sobek or WorldTravel Partners and you will receive no communication from us, if you so desire -- unless of course you win the free trip!)

Tell Us About Yourself

Name (first)   (last) 
E-Mail Address 
Street Address 
City   State/Province 
Zip/Postal Code   Country 
Phone () 

How many years have you been on this Planet?
Under 10

Are you:
Children in household

What is your annual household income?
under $25,000/year (paying Lotto a lot)
$25,000 to $50,000 (doing okay)
$50,000 to $75,000 (comfortable)
$75,000 to $150,000 (real comfortable)
$150,000+ (sitting pretty)

Tell Us About Your Travel Interests and Experience:

Have you ever taken an adventure trip outside the continental USA? (Adventure trips include whitewater rafting, kayaking, wildlife safaris, mountaineering, trekking/hiking, climbing, adventure cruises)

How many times per year do you travel:
For business? domestically internationally
For pleasure? domestically internationally

What are the chances of your going on an adventure trip in the next two years?
very likely
somewhat likely
not likely

How much do you usually spend per person on a vacation?
under $1,000
over $4,000

Regarding the costs of a vacation trip, my philosophy is:
I want the very best, and am prepared to pay for it
I am willing to pay a reasonable premium for a high-quality trip
I do a lot of shopping around and look for the best value trip
I look for the best deal at the lowest price

Which do you prefer regarding length of your vacation?
weekend trips
5 to 7 days
7 to 10 days
10 to 14 days
3 weeks

Which of these areas (or activities) would you like to see on the next Virtual Expedition?
Galapagos Islands
Whitewater Rafting
Mt. Everest
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Sea Kayaking

Tell Us About Your Cyberspace Experience:

How often do you use the WWW?
several times each week
several times each month
hardly ever unless I'm looking for something specific

How important is information on the Internet in making your travel plans?
very important
not important

Is it okay for us to contact you via e-mail:
with updates relevant to virtual or real travel?
when there are special offers/invitations for travelers?
no thanks, not at this time

Would you be interested in having a CD-ROM version of this Virtual Expedition to Antarctica?

Now Push The Envelope to Register for the Free Trip to Antarctica.

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