Computer Generated Artworks
Tanaka Business School
Imperial College
Exhibition Road
London SW7
25th - 29th September 2006
Launch Evening:
25th September, 6pm - 9pm
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This exhibition will feature work from six artists who use computers in diverse ways to generate their artworks. Their techniques include the following:
  • Generative art
    The modelling of evolutionary processes generates complex, organic and beautiful shapes and images.
  • Computers as an artistic medium
    Computational techniques open up exciting new opportunities for multi-media art generation, and the combination of computer generated art with traditional mediums.
  • Simulation of the artistic process
    Simulating artistic and creative processes enables computers to generate human-like artworks.

This event is one of three being organised by Imperial on the topic of Computational Creativity. For details of the other events, please click here >> for more details. To read about computational creativity, please read the "AI bite" found here >>.

William Latham... Homepage>> Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University, and research fellow at Goldsmiths College. With the mutator program, he was an early innovator in the field of evolutionary art, and his organic artworks and films were shown worldwide. After making a similar impact in the games industry, he has recently returned to the world of computer generated art.
Penousal Machado... Homepage>> a researcher at the Creative Systems group, at the Centre for Informatics and Systems, University of Coimbra, Portugal. His research focuses on the development of artificial artists and computer aided creativity. He has developed the NeVar program, an evolutionary art tool which can also produce artworks autonomously. He is a organiser of the EvoMusArt conference series.
James Faure-Walker... Homepage>> a SCIRIA Research Fellow at Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London. He has exhibited worldwide and participated in numerous computer arts festivals. He develops new ways to mix and blend paint software with painting, and has recently authored the book "Painting the Digital River: How an Artist Learned to Love the Computer".
James Tindall... Homepage>> an art director, web developer, designer and artist based in the UK. Over the Past seven years he has art directed, designed and built complex, digital solutions (websites, kiosk software and playful interfaces) for clients ranging from Sony and Nike to The London Science Museum and the art collective Greyworld. His audio-visual artworks have been exhibited worldwide.
Patrick Tresset... Homepage>> a programmer and painter who has exhibited in Paris and London, and recently completed the MSc. in art computing at Goldsmith's College, where he will take up a PhD position in October. With his AIKON project, he studies the development of drawing styles in sketching. AIKON has been shortlisted for the student research project prize at SIGGRAPH 2006.
Simon Colton... Homepage>> a lecturer in Computing at Imperial College, and creative director of Machine Creations Ltd. He investigates the notion of computational creativity in domains such as mathematics, bioinformatics and painting. His TripTych program simulates painting, and using this, he has set up the Craft By Numbers service, where customers can paint stylistic versions of their digital photos.
All images are copyrighted by the corresponding artist.
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