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Marks Breakdown

There are 7650 marks in the four year MEng Degree, of which 3400 are for the fourth year (the four years are weighted 1:2:2:4).

The 3400 marks for the fourth year are split as follows:

  • 1140 for the Individual Project (~33%) of which 200 for the Project Outline;
  • 100 for the Industrial Placement (the mark is composed out of the mark you get for the Executive Summary or Placement report you submit at the end of the placement (it contributes 5/6th; see here for instructions and guidance) and for the Presentation (1/6th; see here for instructions and guidance);
  • 2160 for eight courses (each 240 marks for the exam and 30 marks for the coursework, ~8%), in courses chosen according to your degree.

The minimum required to pass the final year and graduate with third class honours is 40% overall for the year, with 40% for the individual project, whatever the marks in previous years.

There is NO pass degree grade with MEng, so failing on either of these counts causes a fail of the year. There are no September examinations in the final year.

Good (tried and tested) ways of surviving the fourth year are:

  • submit all the coursework on time - remember that this year, coursework counts four times the amount it did in the first year;
  • submit the project outsourcing exercise on time;
  • submit the industrial placement logbook on time;
  • work hard on your project - it is very important (counts for 27.6% of your final year mark, and 12.3% of your overall result), and you must score more than 40% to pass;
  • check the web and your email regularly - this is our only way to reach you with important news.

Good luck!

Steffen van Bakel (Year 4 Coordinator)


Computing students can take any 2 courses outside of their department that the incoming department allows them to take; that covers all Business, Humanities, and Flexible Friday courses. You can enrol for the Flexible Friday courses at this web address; all enrolments will be on a first come first serve basis so if you are keen to take a particular course, then it is advisable to enrol as soon as possible. Please also note that apart from Materials and Design London, no other department have set caps for enrolments.

The courses on offer within the Department of Computing are:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Advanced Graphics and Visualization (required for MGVI)
Advanced Issues in Object Oriented Programming
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering  (required for MSE)
Automated Reasoning (*)
Computing for Optimal Decisions  (required for MM)
Computer Vision (required for MCBM and MGVI)
Intelligent Data and Probabilistic Inference (required for MCBM)
Machine Learning and Neural Computation (required for MCBM)
Modal and Temporal Logic  (*)
Models of Concurrent Computation
Computational Finance (required for MM)
Computational Neurodynamics
Distributed Algorithms (required for MGVI)
Knowledge Representation (*)
Multi-agent Systems (*)
Parallel Algorithms
Performance Analysis
Program Analysis
Quantum Computing

* Students on MAI need to study at least 3 of the following courses:
  • Modal and Temporal Logic
  • Automated Reasoning
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Knowledge Representation

Last updated on 05/10/2011