irtkHistogram_2D Class Reference

#include <irtkHistogram_2D.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for 2D histograms.

This class defines and implements 2D histograms.

Definition at line 22 of file irtkHistogram_2D.h.

Public Member Functions

 irtkHistogram_2D (const irtkHistogram_2D &)
 Construct a histogram from another histogram.
 irtkHistogram_2D (int nbins_x=256, int nbins_y=256)
 Construct a histogram with 256 bins and samples ranging from 0 to 255.
 irtkHistogram_2D (double min_x, double max_x, double width_x, double min_y, double max_y, double width_y)
 Construct a histogram for samples ranging from min to max and width.
 ~irtkHistogram_2D (void)
void Reset ()
 Clear and reset histogram.
void Reset (const irtkHistogram_2D &)
 Clear and copy histogram.
int GetNumberOfBinsX () const
 Get number of bins in x-direction.
void PutNumberOfBinsX (int)
 Put number of bins in x-direction.
int GetNumberOfBinsY () const
 Get number of bins in x-direction.
void PutNumberOfBinsY (int)
 Put number of bins in x-direction.
void GetNumberOfBins (int *, int *) const
 Get number of bins in x- and y-direction.
void PutNumberOfBins (int, int)
 Put number of bins in x- and y-direction.
void GetMin (double *, double *) const
 Get minimum value in histogram.
void PutMin (double, double)
 Put minimum value in histogram.
void GetMax (double *, double *) const
 Get maximum value in histogram.
void PutMax (double, double)
 Put maximum value in histogram.
void GetWidth (double *, double *) const
 Get width of bins in histogram.
void PutWidth (double, double)
 Put width of bins in histogram.
int NumberOfSamples () const
 Get number of samples in histogram.
int operator() (int, int) const
 Get number of samples in bin(i, j).
void Add (int, int, int=1)
 Add counts to bins.
void Delete (int, int, int=1)
 Delete counts from bins.
void AddSample (double, double)
 Add samples.
void DelSample (double, double)
 Delete samples.
int ValToBinX (double val)
 Convert sample value to bin index.
double BinToValX (int bin)
 Convert bin index to sample value.
int ValToBinY (double val)
 Convert sample value to bin index.
double BinToValY (int bin)
 Convert bin index sample value.
void HistogramX (irtkHistogram_1D &)
 Convert 2D Histogram to 1D Histogram.
void HistogramY (irtkHistogram_1D &)
 Convert 2D Histogram to 1D Histogram.
double JointProbability (int, int)
 Calculate joint probability p(x, y).
double MarginalProbabilityX (int)
 Calculate marginal probability p(x).
double MarginalProbabilityY (int)
 Calculate marginal probability p(y).
double ConditionalProbabilityXY (int, int)
 Calculate conditional probability p(x|y).
double ConditionalProbabilityYX (int, int)
 Calculate conditional probability p(y|x).
double MeanX ()
 Calculate mean.
double MeanY ()
 Calculate mean.
double ConditionalMeanXY (int)
 Calculate conditional mean.
double ConditionalMeanYX (int)
 Calculate conditional mean.
double VarianceX ()
 Calculate variance.
double VarianceY ()
 Calculate variance.
double ConditionalVarianceXY (int)
 Calculate conditional variance.
double ConditionalVarianceYX (int)
 Calculate conditional variance.
double Covariance ()
 Calculate covariance.
double StandardDeviationX ()
 Calculate standard deviation.
double StandardDeviationY ()
 Calculate standard deviation.
double EntropyX ()
 Calculate marginal entropy.
double EntropyY ()
 Calculate marginal entropy.
double JointEntropy ()
 Calculate joint entropy.
double MutualInformation ()
 Calculate mutual information.
double NormalizedMutualInformation ()
 Calculate normalized mutual information.
double CrossCorrelation ()
 Calculate cross correlation.
double CorrelationRatioXY ()
 Calculate correlation ratio.
double CorrelationRatioYX ()
 Calculate correlation ratio.
double SumsOfSquaredDifferences ()
 Calculate sums of squared differences.
double LabelConsistency ()
 Calcualate label consistency.
double Kappa ()
 Calcualate kappa statistic.
void Read (char *filename)
 Read histogram.
void Write (char *filename)
 Write histogram.
void Print ()
 Print histogram.

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