irtkImageTransformation2 Class Reference

#include <irtkImageTransformation2.h>

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Detailed Description

Filter for image transformations.

This class implements an image filter which takes an input image and a transformation and computes the corresponding output image. The output image is calculated by looping over the voxel locations and calculating the corresponding voxel locations in the input image. The intensity of the voxels of the output image is by interpolation from the input image. Note, that the transformation is assumed to map the input image into the ouput image and is therefore inverted during the execution of the filter. All calculations are carried out using world coordinates rather than image coordinates.

Definition at line 38 of file irtkImageTransformation2.h.

Public Member Functions

 irtkImageTransformation2 ()
virtual ~irtkImageTransformation2 ()
virtual void SetInput (irtkImage *)
 Sets input image.
virtual void SetOutput (irtkImage *)
 Sets output image.
virtual void SetTransformation (irtkTransformation *, irtkTransformation *)
 Sets transformation.
virtual double GetTargetPaddingValue (void)
 Gets the target padding value.
virtual void PutTargetPaddingValue (double)
 Puts the target padding value.
virtual double GetSourcePaddingValue (void)
 Gets the source padding value.
virtual void PutSourcePaddingValue (double)
 Puts the source padding value.
virtual irtkImageFunctionGetInterpolator (void)
 Gets the interpolator.
virtual void PutInterpolator (irtkImageFunction *)
 Sets the interpolator.
virtual void InvertOn (void)
 Invert on.
virtual void InvertOff (void)
 Sets the interpolator.
virtual void Run ()
 Runs the filter.

Protected Attributes

irtkImage * _input
 Input for the image to image filter.
irtkImage * _output
 Output for the image to image filter.
 First transformation.
 Second transformation.
double _TargetPaddingValue
 Padding value in target (voxels in the target image with this value will be ignored).
double _SourcePaddingValue
 Padding value in source (voxels outside the source image will be set to this value).
double _ScaleFactor
 Scale factor for intensities in transformed image.
double _Offset
 Offset for intensities in transformed image.
int _Invert
 Flag whether to invert transformation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irtkImageTransformation2::irtkImageTransformation2 (  ) 


This constructs an transformation filter with a given interpolation mode and padding value. By default the interpolation mode is set to trilinear and invert is off

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