irtkMultipleSurfaceRegistration Class Reference

#include <irtkMultipleSurfaceRegistration.h>

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Detailed Description

Generic for surface registration based on the ICP algorithm.

This class implements a registration filter which takes two input surfaces and calculates the transformation which maps the second surface (denoted as source surface) into the coordinate system of the first surface (denoted as target surface). This is the abstract base class which defines a common interface for arbitrary registration filters. Each derived class has to implement all abstract member functions.

Definition at line 42 of file irtkMultipleSurfaceRegistration.h.

Public Member Functions

 irtkMultipleSurfaceRegistration ()
virtual ~irtkMultipleSurfaceRegistration ()
virtual void SetInput (vtkPolyData **, vtkPolyData **)
 Sets input for the registration filter.
virtual void SetOutput (irtkTransformation *)
 Sets output for the registration filter.
virtual void Run ()
 Run the filter.
virtual const char * NameOfClass ()
 Returns the name of the class.
virtual void SetTargetLocator (irtkLocator **)
 Set locator.
virtual void SetSourceLocator (irtkLocator **)
 Set locator.
virtual void SetEpsilon (float)
 Set epsilon.
virtual double GetEpsilon ()
 Get epsilon.
void UseSymmetricDistance ()
 Use symmetric distance function.
virtual SetMacro (NumberOfSurfaces, int)
virtual GetMacro (NumberOfSurfaces, int)
virtual SetMacro (NumberOfIterations, int)
virtual GetMacro (NumberOfIterations, int)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Initialize ()
 Initial set up for the registration.
virtual void Finalize ()
 Final set up for the registration.
virtual void Optimize ()
 Optimize registration.

Protected Attributes

vtkPolyData ** _target
 Target point set.
vtkPolyData ** _source
 Source point set.
int _NumberOfSurfaces
 Number of surfaces.
irtkLocator ** _target_locator
 Locator for target points.
irtkLocator ** _source_locator
 Locator for source points.
 Pointer to point registration.
double _Epsilon
 Convergence factor of registration.
int _NumberOfIterations
 Number of iterations.
bool _UseSymmetricDistance
 Flag whether to use symmetric distance function.

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