irtkOptimizer Class Reference

#include <irtkOptimizer.h>

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Detailed Description

Generic class for optimization of voxel-based registration.

This class implements an optimizer which maximises voxel similarity measures as used in image registration. This is the abstract base class which defines a common interface for arbitrary optimization filters. Each derived class has to implement all abstract member functions.

Definition at line 30 of file irtkOptimizer.h.

Public Member Functions

 irtkOptimizer ()
virtual ~irtkOptimizer ()
virtual double Run ()=0
 Run the optimizer.
virtual void Run (double &, double &)
 Run the optimizer.
virtual const char * NameOfClass ()=0
 Print name of the class.
virtual void SetTransformation (irtkTransformation *)
virtual GetMacro (Transformation, irtkTransformation *)
virtual SetMacro (Registration, irtkRegistration *) virtual GetMacro(Registration
virtual irtkRegistration *virtual SetMacro (StepSize, double)
virtual GetMacro (StepSize, double)
virtual SetMacro (Epsilon, double)
virtual GetMacro (Epsilon, double)

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to transformation.
irtkRegistration * _Registration
 Pointer to registration.
double _StepSize
 Step size.
double _Epsilon
double * transformationParams
 Storage for monitoring change in the transformation.

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