irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding< VoxelType > Class Template Reference

#include <irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class VoxelType>
class irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding< VoxelType >

Class for adding Rician noise to images which are padded.

This class implements a filter for adding Rician noise to images which are padded. The Rician distribution is approiximately Gaussian for high intensity signals, and Rayleigh distributed for low intensities. The Rayleigh intensity distribution can be expressed as: $P_M(M)={m}{^2}exp({-M^2}{2^2}) where $M$ is the actual intensity and $$ is the standard deviation of Gaussian noise. For more information, see Holden et al., IEEE-TMI 19(2) 2000.

Definition at line 33 of file irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding.h.

Public Member Functions

 irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding (double Amplitude, VoxelType PaddingValue)
 ~irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding ()
 Destructor (empty).
 SetMacro (PaddingValue, VoxelType)
 Set padding value.
 GetMacro (PaddingValue, VoxelType)
 Get padding value.
virtual double Run (int, int, int, int)
 Run Rician noise filter.

Protected Member Functions

virtual const char * NameOfClass ()
 Returns the name of the class.

Protected Attributes

VoxelType _PaddingValue
 The padding value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class VoxelType>
irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding< VoxelType >::irtkRicianNoiseWithPadding ( double  Amplitude,
VoxelType  PaddingValue 


Sets standard deviation of the noise distribution and the padding value.

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