Papers in press

  • X. Wu, J. Housden, Y. Ma, B. Razavi, K. Rhode and D. Rueckert. Fast Catheter Segmentation from Echocardiographic Sequences based on Segmentation from Corresponding X-ray Fluoroscopy for Cardiac Catheterization Interventions. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, in press, 2015.
  • C. Ledig, R. A. Heckemann, A. Hammers, J. C. Lopez, V. F. J. Newcombe, A. Makropoulos, J. Lötjönen, D. K. Menon and D. Rueckert. Robust whole-brain segmentation: Application to traumatic brain injury. Medical Image Analysis, in press, 2015.
  • M. J. Cardoso, M. Modat. R. Wolz, A. Melbourne, D. Cash, D. Rueckert and S. Ourselin. Geodesic information flows: spatially-variant graphs and their application to segmentation and fusion. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, in press, 2015.
  • B. Kainz, M. Steinberger, W. Wein, M. Kuklisova-Murgasova, C. Malamateniou, K. Keraudren, T. Torsney-Weir, M. Rutherford, P. Aljabar, J. V. Hajnal and D. Rueckert. Fast Volume Reconstruction from Motion Corrupted Stacks of 2D Slices. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, in press, 2015.
  • A. Gomez, A. M. Jantsch, W. Shi, K. Pushparajah, J. Simpson, N. Smith, D. Rueckert, T. Schaeffter and G. Penney, G.4D Blood Flow Reconstruction over the Entire Ventricle from Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived from Ultrasound Data. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, in press, 2015.
  • X. Zhuang, W. Bai, J. Song, S. Zhan, X. Qian, W. Shi, Daniel Rueckert and Y. Lian. Multi-atlas whole heart segmentation of CT data using conditional entropy for atlas ranking and selection. Medical Physics, in press, 2015.
  • R. Wright, A. Makropoulos, V. Kyriakopoulou, P. Patkee, L. Koch, M. Rutherford, J. V. Hajnal, P. Aljabar and D. Rueckert. Construction of a fetal spatio-temporal cortical surface atlas from in utero MRI: application of spectral surface matching. NeuroImage, in press, 2015.

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